The Fire Pit

Have you had any good business ideas lately?

Who hasn’t, right? 

Too often, we see businesses fail because they skip critial steps, or make critical assumptions that prove incorrect.

Do you know that feeling of living with a great business idea, but not being able to give it the attention it deserves? Well, welcome to the Fire Pit, where we’ll do something with that nagging idea (that really feels like it has legs!) and give it the attention it deserves.

The Results Alliance can help you to workshop your ideas so you are Ready with a plan, take Aim with a strategy and Fire with a plan of action. Your business ideas deserve dedicated attention and thought, so we’ve put together half and full day workshops with our Results Alliance team to help you discover and unwrap the potential in your business ideas.

It’s Ready, Aim, Fire!...not Ready, Fire!

  • Heaven forbid you get stuck in the Ready, Aim cycle & never get off the ground.

The advantage of presenting to Fire Pit, is that our panel is made up of experts from across a wide range of industries.

It’s not about whether your idea is a success or not, it’s about discovering fast whether your idea has legs or not. Time is money, and failing fast is a win. So is discovering your idea deserves more of your time and energy. Either fall fast and get back up, jump head first into the right idea. With our help, you’ll know what to do.

You might know the idea inside and out, but how is your long term strategy?

Have you thought about strategic partnerships?

Your systems and software?

Your Marketing?

Credible experts helping you make your idea a reality

Engage with the Results Alliance and leverage our expertise and experience to build your idea. You will leave with clear action steps to take your idea from being well thought out, to something generating results. Let’s help ‘make it real.’

A half or one day workshop to assist you build your idea into a reality. Bounce your ideas off strategy, systems, marketing, partnerships, process and sales experts.


1. Discover

Everyone feels like they have had a great idea, but the difference is those who actually take action on those ideas. 

Before approaching The Fire Pit, we believe you should fully develop your idea and have an idea of exactly how the product / service works. You should have an idea about how you are going to price your service, where you will distribute it, how you will market it etc.

Once you have all that information, you can bring it to the Fire Pit where we can help evaluate that strategy and work on the new direction forward.



2. Pitch

Once your idea has been built, and you are ready to put it to the test – organise a time to meet with the Fire Pit team. 

We’ll sit down with you and hear your idea out, before giving you feedback and setting an action plan.

We won’t ‘run you over the coals’ with your idea – but instead we will help you build your ideas and build an action plan around them. This will be from the perspective of different business departments. You can also potentially gain valuable network connections to help with your ideas.


3. Execute

Once we have sat down and evaluated your business from all different angles, we will then help you build your action plan with steps to take to execute your idea with purpose and clarity.

The execution part of this plan will put the rubber to the road.

You’ve had your idea, you’ve evaluated it with some seasoned professionals across a wide range of business areas. Now, you get to go and build your idea into reality with a means tested plan that you are sure will work. You may even get access to the network of the fire pit team to help bring your idea to reality.

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. Contact us today.

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